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The LEON GABOR brand was born from the meeting of two old entrepreneur friends w ith great experience Maurizio and Natale, who discover that they share the enthusiasm to create a business. Hence the mission of our company naturally arises: "to create refined, timeless leather bags and accessories, particularly functional and accessible to as many people as possible, completely designed and handcrafted in Italy." Our creations, in addition to being refined and with attention to detail, are designed to contain and take advantage of all the technological tools that are now part of everyday life.

Leon Gabòr is the yearning for freedom that shows itself with elegance, an elitist freedom for those who recognize themselves and express themselves in the search for beauty. The intimate personality that opens up in refinement and qualifies in the particular. Leon Gabòr unites a group of people and not a multitude, we recognize each other from afar, we share a life made of dreams realized with the scent of new challenges that await us.

Our products are handcrafted in Italy, with high quality leathers and refined design. Our intent is to produce high quality leather accessories, exclusive, elegant, with accurate finishes but with a soul that denounces a strong appeal to a free spirit. The aesthetic aspect and ease of use are key elements of our creations. A further prerogative we have set ourselves is to give our luxury products greater accessibility.

Our goal is to help those who want to bring with them in urban everyday life the feeling of freedom and well-being that they normally experience in outdoor activities, anchoring it to objects made with quality natural materials, such as leather and hide. Elements that can awaken the senses, making you plunge into lived moments, which the soul and heart cannot give up. The value of the features made by exclusively Italian master craftsmen is a hymn to style and beauty, which will brighten the view over the years. The natural scents of the tanning, subtle but unmistakable, give persistence over time.It is a pleasant sensation that one feels when caressing a carefully worked leather. Warm, consistent and velvety, soft and sensual, strong and indestructible according to the workmanship: in two words, fascinating and eternal. These are the emotions we live and we want to convey to you.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our shop, welcome to Leon Gabor.


Maurizio & Natale